A new way to communicate here at Orange Studios.

Mayo is a research-backed startup dedicated to improving pro-social behavior in co-working spaces.


What is Mayo?


Mayo is a location-based communication app that makes it easy to instantly find help nearby.


Mayo” is the phonetic spelling for 没有 (or Méiyǒu) which means “not have” in Mandarin.



How does Mayo work?

  • Only people in the same space will see posts in that space (@Orange Studios.)

  • Your posts expire when you leave, or after 1 hour

  • No sign ups required, no channels to join, and no notifications after you leave


Ask for or lend a quick hand.
Join up and meet someone new & make someone’s day!

mayo end hero.jpg

Actions and requests that Mayo is great for:

  • 💻 Borrowing a charger

  • 💬 Receiving quick feedback on your work

  • 🍱 Finding a lunch buddy on one of those days

  • 🍻 Winding down the week with another member

  • 👥 Meet a potential new business partner

These are just suggestions. Mayo is here to help you engage those around you, the way you want!

inspiration pic.jpg

Hop on now & meet your community at Orange Studios.


Be sure to stay tuned for more perks and surprises on Mayo