Bring the world closer together.

By being a helpful friend to those near you.


Anyone on Mayo can broadcast for help to those nearby, and you can be the super hero to save the day 🌈.


In just a minute or two, you can totally turn someone's day around. We've all had moments like these... ⬇


Helping someone out is super easy.
Get thanked and get rewarded too!

Mayo needs a lot of kind people to make it work .
We will get there, 1 good heart at a time.


Lots of people never speak up when they need a little help.

Some feel too shy, try to avoid rejection, or have no idea that anyone would feel glad to lend a hand.

We built Mayo to bring good people together.

We're all helpful & supportive online.


Now you can share some kindness with people nearby, in person.

Join our beta and help change the world ❤️

(and also help make the app better)


*iOS device required. Android coming soon.


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