Q: What do I need to sign up for Mayo?

A: You might have missed it, but nothing! There’s nothing to sign up for Mayo. No names, phone numbers, emails, photos…you name it.

Q: Why is it anonymous / no profiles?

A: At Mayo, we believe in real human interaction and kindness, regardless of who you are. When you have a profile, biases and ‘filtering’ happens whether it’s intentional or not. It’s about lending a quick hand — if someone can lend you a phone charger for 15min, just be thankful.

Also we’re not building an online social network, this isn’t about ‘stats updates’, so we don’t really need to know about your personal info/life.

Q: What about the creeps?

A: On any platform there will always be the 1% — be it on Airbnb, Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, and even GitHub probably you name it. With this in mind, we take this issue very seriously and are working on:

  1. Limiting Mayo to literally people in the same space (same Starbucks, same office floor, same library). This increases accountability (disincentivizes offensive behavior), and makes it easier to catch those creeps.

  2. If someone’s caught / reported with inappropriate behavior, we will issue a warning. If it happens again then the device will be banned from connecting to Mayo forever. No tolerances.

Q: How does Mayo really work?

A: When you post on Mayo, we notify others who have Mayo, and are within your proximity (200m or 650 ft) and they can decide if they can help you or not. Your post essentially becomes a group chat because sometimes you need more than 1 hand.

Similarly, you can only see posts within your proximity wherever you are as well to ensure authenticity, filter out noise, and keep the focus on ‘here and now’.

When you leave the area, or after 1 hour of no activity, we automatically expire your post because it’s irrelevant at that point. No one can interact with a post once it expires to prevent you from being bombarded afterwards.

If people messaged you for your post, after it expires, you’ll have a chance to ‘thank them’ in the app and they’ll get a kudos point : )

PS. You can only have 1 active post at a time, this is intentional. This is a ‘shoulder tap’, not Slack / Facebook Groups / Craigslist. You probably wouldn’t tap on 5 people’s should at the same time, so you don’t need to do the same on Mayo.

Q: Why do you need my location?

A: We need your location so we can determine where you are, and display your posts to those that are around you. Also so when someone makes a post nearby you, we can let you know as well it goes both ways : ) Help others and get helped yourself as well.

Differences between “While only using the app” and “Always allow”:

  • We strongly recommend setting to Always allow as it simply allows the phone to also tell Mayo where you are even if you never open up the app again (and your phone is already gathering this info regardless of Mayo). This way we can let you know if someone else need help around you! After all, if you asked for help, you’d want others to know about it too right?

  • We never share your location info directly with other people and that’s also why we don’t have a profile, no one can track you individually. Your location is only used to figure out what content you can see, and will be notified for.

  • While only using the app only lets Mayo know where you are if you actually have Mayo open right in front of you. That may be ok for making a post, but if other’s don’t open up the Mayo app and didn’t turn on “Always allow”, then we’ll never know they are around you and you wouldn’t be able to get helped. So we recommend everyone to turn on Always allow so others can help you, and you can help others too.

Q: Who will see my posts? Is there even anyone around?

A: Anyone who has the Mayo app installed, and happens to be within 200m (650 ft) of you will be notified and/or see your post.

As Mayo grows, you’ll come across other fellow Mayo good people more often. For now we’re focused on growing and helping these coworking spaces.

Q: What should I post on Mayo?

A: We encourage postings that are quick and ‘actionable’. For examples:
- “Anyone want to grab a late lunch together?” rather than “Hi!”
- “Take a look at my logo and tell me what you think” rather than “Looking for a designer for job XYZ”

If it’s not something you’d tap on people’s shoulder for right there and then, honestly there’s probably a better place to make that post than on Mayo.

Q: What are the Mayo points for?

A: Mayo points are a token of appreciation for lending a hand. We are also working on turning them into rewards for you so hang on tight!

Q: Why wouldn’t I just use Slack / Facebook / NextDoor / Craigslist instead of Mayo??

A: People are already using some of those platforms for quick helps — and the result is it’s not very effective, and most of the time those online communities can’t help because they are not with you physically.

Those existing platforms also focuses on your community contacts or friends, and exchanging information (chatting, questions, info, updates, products) but not ‘actions’ like lending a charger, help moving a shelf, or possibly borrowing a bottle opener from neighbors late night.

Q: I need more examples.

A: And here are some more:

  • Still got some doughnuts left from our pop up shop, come get some on the 2nd floor

  • Locked out! Anyone still in the office right now?

  • Anyone want to split the Starbucks buy 1 get 1 free happy hour?

  • Running a survey on climate change. Takes 5min if you’re interested

  • Heading to Homegrowns for a sandwich. Anyone wanna join?

  • We’re testing a mobile app prototype. Come help us out and get free 🍺!

  • Forgot my mouse…if anyone can lend me one, please

  • Special ice cream pop up in the building! Come check it out and sample some ice creams!

  • Would love to chat with a UX designer here if you’re also at the meet up event tonight