Hello, new friend!


Thanks for joining in on Mayo’s mission to help & connect people together more, in-person.

We’re here to help you, help us. Let’s get started : )




  • Priority is to get the word out to members in your space. We’ve found continuous exposure works best

  • Below are some things we suggest and can help you with


Here’s a list of things the Mayo team can provide for free, please let us know what you’d like by completing the form below.

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Customized website
Point your members to to learn about Mayo (Examples: Collective / Spaces / Galvanize)


Banner for newsletters
Remind members of Mayo with the least effort

posters flyers.png

Posters / flyers / postcards
Designed for your space to print and hand out

Demo and intro
We’ll come in and introduce Mayo to your community with you


Mayo stickers!
For those who love to collect, and support Mayo. Let us know if you want any

Survey for insights
We’ve designed a survey to help you measure your community (We can run the survey for you too, with your permission)


  • Complete this form first and let us know what we can provide you with


To do’s

  • Send us 3 to 4 pretty photos of your space & community, so we can use it in the customized website / flyers etc.

  • A happy hour / ice breaker for your members to each other & Mayo

  • Tell your new members about Mayo as an optional benefit of your community

  • It helps to have all the staff download the app as well

  • Any questions or feedbacks just let us know any time (hello@heymayo.com)


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  • In Europ, #1 reason for considering to leave a coworking space is the lack of interaction with other members

    • In America, it’s the #5 reason

  • 94% of Americans surveyed said volunteering & helping people improved their mood

    • 76% said it made them feel healthier

  • 70% of the people in any given week needed help but didn’t ask for it

  • Community building is #2 top tool to attract new members, behind #1 social media

  • #1 collaboration between members in coworking spaces is the small tasks (76%)

  • 55% of coworking space members work on their own, not in teams

  • Globally, #1 challenge for coworking spaces is attracting new members

    • #2 challenge is poor community management (2018)

  • Most important reason why members keep working from their coworking space is “interaction with others” (Asia report)


  • COFFEE BUDDY: Mayo can sponsor 50% of a stack of $5 coffee cards. If members find a coffee buddy on Mayo, pick up the coffee cards @ the front desk

  • TRIVIA DAY: Trivia happens randomly throughout the day on Mayo! 1st one to respond correctly gets a prize (conference room credits?)

  • MONTHLY SHOW & TELL: Each session 1 company (member) gets to showcase what they do and get feedback. Maybe can be the 1st or 2nd to go

  • HOSTED EVENT BENEFITS: If your space hosts events, tell them and their participants to use Mayo any time to ask questions, or look for particular helps

  • HELP BOOTH: Once a week Mayo can come help setup a ‘help booth’ where we try and help the community with literally whatever they need

  • LUNCH WEDNESDAYS: (or any day) Consistently on a particular day weekly, encourage members to find a lunch buddy on Mayo

  • GIVEBACK WEDNESDAYS: (or any day) On a particular day weekly, encourage members to giveback to the community a little on Mayo. Such as providing professional advices, home made cookies, some good beer

  • COMMUNITY HELP BOARD: We sell a 42” x 32” Mayo board that acts as a physical representation of Mayo. $250 each.

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