Help us capture Mayo Moments

You and 4 friends, no sign up required, free pizza at the end!
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What is Mayo?

Mayo is an app that lets you broadcast quick in-person helps you need to people in the same-space with you right now. We explain better on the site here.

What does Mayo need from me?

We need your help to gather more insights on what those ‘Mayo moments’ are in your everyday life.

A Mayo Moment is those times when you just need a quick hand or have a quick question, and you’re pretty sure someone here around you could help, but you don’t actually ask for help (more examples below).


Duration of your help

  • Less than 3 min per day, over 2 weeks


  • You and a group of friends on campus (ideally 4 minimum + yourself)

  • Download the Mayo app (iOS / Android), enable location services + notification permission when asked for

  • There’s nothing to sign up for, we do not gather any personal info, you don’t have to create any accounts


The actual task

  • Imagine everyone around you has the Mayo app

  • Everyday, keep in mind opportunities & moments where Mayo could help you (problems that can only be solved by another person near you)

  • Whenever / whatever those moments are, post it on Mayo (your posts are anonymous!)

  • If someone does happen to respond to you, go through it and make a note of the experience (good, bad, weird, concerns, the result…etc)

  • After 2 weeks, let’s grab pizza and talk about experiences! (or $5 Starbucks gift card for everyone who participates)

Examples of Mayo Moments to post on Mayo

  • Just lost my leather iPhone case by the quad…anyone seen one?

  • Starbucks buy 1 get 1 free! Anyone wanna split?

  • Anyone got a XYZ charger I can borrow for 15min?

  • Need $30 cash! Will Venmo you back right away

  • Stuck on some CSC101 assignment…anyone here also taking this course?

  • Anyone around the dorm can come help me move this shelf quickly?

  • Can I tag along if you’re going grocery shopping today

  • I’m bored between classes…who’s also bored?

  • Who’s got their LING205 text book? Forgot my…

Why is Mayo doing this?

  • At Mayo, we want to help people, build trust, and enable more real-world connections

  • So we are looking for ways to improve our app, and get more ideas on what everyday-moments Mayo can potentially help with with your help


  • Share any of the information/feedback you share with us externally

  • Collect any personal data like phone #, email, address (no sign up required to use Mayo)

  • What you share with us is strictly used to improve the product and app

Able to join and help us?

Questions? Read our FAQ or