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Mayo x Wework

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It’s simple.


What is it

Think of it as a weekly act of kindness we’re encouraging members at WeWorks in Seattle to participate in.



Every Wednesday. Whenever you want, throughout the day.


What do I get

If you participate any time in April, 2019 we will reward your giveback with a gift card as a small token of our “#Giveback” to you in May.

Great connections happen because of small things like these.



What kind of “Giveback” are we talking about?


We encourage the #Giveback to be simple & casual. Things that only take a few min like:

  • Sharing home-made snacks

  • Providing feedback on work

  • Share cool swags you got from an event or from home

  • Extra office plants to give away

  • Being a lunch/coffee buddy

  • Really it’s up to you. Or maybe you’re just free for chat for the next 30min, that’d be great too!



So how do I do it?

Get the Mayo app where #GiveBackWednesday is happening @ WeWorks.
No signs up required to use the app. It doesn’t even ask for your name.



Why the Mayo App?

The Mayo App is built to enable real in-person interactions and to be light-weight and simple.


Mayo posts are built to be:

  • Actionable (it’s not a chatting app)

  • Active only when you’re here at WeWork. Once you leave, never worry about it again.

  • Auto-expires after an hour. No scheduling, and no management needed

  • And you earn Mayo points for helping someone out! Future rewards and perks are coming soon.

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I’m in.

High fives! Now we just need your email.


Wait, you just said I don’t have to sign up for anything.

Right. But since Mayo collects no info, we need your email so we can contact you after for the Gift Card!