Let's bring the world closer together, 1 help at a time.

It's like having friends right around you anywhere, any time.


We all love social networks

But there are some things they just can't help us with — like the helps we need in person.


Asking for a small help can be hard.
We've been there.

So we built Mayo to  help make it easier.

Broadcast what you need, get helped in person.
Then pay it forward.


We know there are a lot of kind people, if you just ask. So speak up, get helped, and pass the good deed on.


Getting help from those around you is easy.

Mayo needs a lot of kind people to make it work and we believe we will get there, 1 by 1.
Be one of the early movers along with many others.

Come join the beta and help change the world ❤️

(and also make our app better)


*iOS device required. Android coming soon.