Help others. And feel happier.

Lend a hand to those right beside you, and create 2 happy smiles .


It’s backed by science.


70% of people needed a quick hand in any given week

But didn’t ask for help. Because they don’t know how. It’s hard.

Source: NY Times / The Verge /


94% improved their mood after helping someone

It also lowers stress levels and makes you feel healthier : )

Source: United Health Group / Harvard Health / Time


More time on social media = higher sense of isolation

So put the phone down for just 2min, lend a hand, and put ‘social’ back to real life.

Source: NPR / Forbes


We talked to 1000 people, 80% said they’d help someone in need.


How Mayo works


Mayo works by broadcasting to people in the same space in the moment, so you can actually get helped instantly instead of just getting a comment online.


Ask for help, or give back a little — all with no sign-ups.

In fact, you don’t have to do anything.
Just download Mayo, open it once, and we’ll let you know when someone needs helps right there and then!


Starting at places that matter and need Mayo the most — Coworking spaces.


Give Mayo a try now right on your phone!



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